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Jared Young 容中洋

Youth Troupe

Member Since: 2001

Jared is a rare find. One of his goals in life is to preserve and teach the Chinese culture. As a second generation American born Chinese, he is determined to continue to be the anti-stereotype of American-born Chinese; ones who hardly have knowledge and understanding of their culture. He studied the martial arts and lion dancing with the San Francisco Wushu Team and folk dancing with the Chinese Folk Dance Association at an early age. He has become deeply interested in the art of Cantonese Opera. With his combination of martial arts skills, Chinese folk dancing background and quick learning abilities, Jared is among the new breed of young talented amateur Cantonese Opera performers that have impressed audiences with his stage performance. Jared’s initiation to Cantonese opera was in a minor role as a heavenly soldier in The Lotus Lantern. Recently, he has been in supporting roles like Tian Fu, a merry old eunuch, and Zhu Bajie, a heavenly general that was punished and accidentally transformed in a pig monster in Journey to the West.

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