Red Bean Cantonese Opera, Inc. » Wai, Khiem

Khiem Wai 衛鉗潔

Performance Member

Member Since: 2003

Born in Cholon, Vietnam, Khiem has fond childhood memories of accompanying her mother to the Hao Hua Theater where enjoying such classic presentations as Prince Cheung Ping and Dream at Peony Pavilion left her with a lifelong love of Cantonese Opera.  After arriving in Northern California, she discovered Red Bean and in 2002 began taking singing lessons from Liang Jing, Sifu.  Soon thereafter, Khiem made her stage debut in Wedding Night of Liu Yi, portraying a Pricess of the East Sea from Chinese legend, and has since displayed her rapidly advancing theatrical skills on numerous occasions, including in the 2007 presentation of Six Countries for The Prime Minister.  She is one of the many committed performers who also provide volunteer administrative services to Red Bean Opera.

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