Red Bean Cantonese Opera, Inc. » Ma, Terilyn

Terilyn Ma 馬佩璆

Youth Troupe

Member Since: 2005

As a child, Terilyn first experienced the never-ending beauty and style that Cantonese Opera brings to theater audiences while watching her aunts in performance. Later, one of her aunts, Judy Chiu, invited her to undertake a small role in a live performance staged on February 27, 2005. In the years that have followed, Terilyn has continued on in Cantonese Opera as a regular cast member of the Red Bean Cantonese Opera troupe, studying principally under Sifu Jing Liang. Since her February 2005 debut, she has made more than 10 operatic appearances, displaying a gift for investing the characters she portrays with the personal beauty for which she is known. Terilyn’s first speaking role was in the October 2005 production of “The Final Rendezvous” from the Butterfly Lovers. Her most recent, and favorite performance was in the 2007 production of Monkey King, “Journey to the West”, in which she made her debut as a vocalist. She will made her first move out of supporting roles into a lead in the “Dance of the Butterfly Lovers,” in 2008.  Performing Cantonese Opera has given Terilyn a sense of pride in her culture and the confidence needed to approach the world.

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