Red Bean Cantonese Opera, Inc. » Ma, Justin

Justin Ma 馬駿駒

Youth Troupe

Member Since: 2005

Introduced at a young age to Cantonese Opera by his mother, Jamie Ma, and his aunts, Justin’s life and sense of culture became deeply influenced by the beauty of this theatrical tradition. Although he could neither speak nor read Chinese, he nonetheless enjoyed watching the thrill-seeking adventures of enchanted beings and laughing at the antics of characters in comedic plays. In 2005, he took his opening steps onto the operatic stage at the suggestion of his aunt, Judy Chiu. Following this auspicious debut, his performance skills have grown impressively due to the diligence with which he pursues his studies in the operatic arts under the guidance of Sifu Jing Liang, and Red Bean Opera’s Stage Adviser Erick Lee. Justin’s entrance into live performance began with appearances in minor roles in He Bing Po Lou, Lady Fan Li-Hua, and “Flooding of the Jinshan Monastery,” a vignette excerpted from the classic Madam White Snake. For the Red Bean Cantonese Opera House’s 10th Anniversary program, he advanced to more challenging roles, appearing as Sergeant Zhang Zhong in “The Case of the Headless Murder” and as the Buddhist Monk Xuan Zang in the Journey to the West. For today’s 12th Anniversary program, he will make his debut in a lead role as Leung San-Bai in the “Dance of the Butterfly Lovers”.

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