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Winnie Leung 梁碧雲

Make-up Artist / Performance Member

Member Since: 2006

Winnie was born and raised in Hong Kong, where her enthusiasm for Cantonese Opera started at an early age. While in high school, she was presented with the opportunity to study under the well-known Cantonese Opera Masters Mr. Ka-Ying Law and Ms. Po-Ying Lee, who were at the time promoting Cantonese Opera to the younger generation. While Winnie was learning basic movements, singing techniques and the performing arts from her teachers, she was also developing a deep passion for the art of Cantonese Opera. After graduating from high school, Winnie studied in the U.S. and settled down with a family and a job; her zeal for the operatic arts, however, did not diminish. In 2006, she joined the Red Bean Opera House to continue her studies under Master Jing Liang. She proceeded to extend her knowledge of opera music theory under the famous musicians Mr. Xie-Ben Chen and Mr. Douglas Wong. Winnie enjoys this fascinating operatic characteristic of Chinese culture and also hopes to promote it further among the younger generation.

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