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Pinky Lee 袁孟萍

Secretary / Member

Member Since: 2006 pinkylee-1

Pinky has enjoyed Cantonese opera with her family since her childhood. Leaving Hong Kong, China at nine years old, she has a deep interest in her Chinese heritage and cultural. She feels that Cantonese opera is an important part of Chinese cultural, using this beautiful art form as a venue to relate Chinese history, folklores, poetries and classical literatures. She hopes to help promote this beautiful ancient Chinese art and culture. She was fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue her interest in Cantonese opera and studied with excellent teachers. In 2004, Pinky made her Cantonese Opera debut in a starring role as Xi Shi in the opera vignette “Dream at Tai Lake”. She joined Red Bean Cantonese Opera in 2006. She has performed in the opera vignettes “Prime Minister”, “Dream of Everlasting Love”, “The Twelve Beauties”, “The Competing Concubines”, “Romancing Peach Blossom” , “Farewell Wang Zhaojun” and “The Lotus Lantern”. She has also performed several Cantonese Opera duets, including “Overcoming Three Hurdles”, “Peach Blossom Encounter”, “Dream of Goddess Lok” and “Lady Flower”. She enjoys all aspects of this beautiful performing art and the challenge of each role.

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