Red Bean Cantonese Opera, Inc. » Lee, Linda

Linda Lee 林采樺

Vice President

Member Since: 2000

Renowned in Cantonese Opera circles from Vancouver to Los Angeles for her confidence and command in male roles, Linda Lee’s deep interest in the operatic stage comes from her early childhood exposure to this beautiful and complex art.  In 1994, she became a student of Sifu Jing Liang, who introduced her to the intricate techniques of operatic singing. Soon thereafter, her enthusiasm for the stage proved so captivating that she began to study the operatic basic movements under the guidance of Sifu Kim-Wah Yeung,   In 1996 she sought to improve her theatrical skills even further by adding the highly respected Sifu Chew-Hung Pak to her list of teachers, since becoming one of his proud pupils. Having performed in leading roles in numerous productions for over 10 years, Linda’s reputation as an actress has grown steadily and acclaim for her talents is now widespread throughout the West Coast. Linda is the Vice-President of Red Bean Cantonese Opera House.

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