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Wing-Ming Law 羅永明

Guest Musician Lead

Member Since: 2010

Mr. Wing-ming Law graduated from the Guangzhou Music Academy in 1970, and was assigned to teach at the Zhanjiang Area Cantonese Opera School . In 1982, he moved to Hong Kong and worked with several popular opera

troupes and later performed as the lead musician. While in Hong Kong , he traveled to Taiwan and various North American cities to give guest performances. In 1995, he immigrated to Vancouver , Canada . In Vancouver , he started his own music organization and taught many students. Mr. Law is an accomplished musician with expertise in playing the violin, gaohu, and yanqin. He has also collaborated with lyricist, Zhu Li, to produce several new songs.

In 2004, Mr. Law returned to Hong Kong and started another music organization. His organization has attracted many talented members and is steadily growing in size and reputation. We are honored to have him as our guest lead musician in our 14th Anniversary Performance.

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