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Judy Jung 程小勵

Event Coordinator / Performance Member

Member Since: 2007

Judy’s first encounter with Cantonese Opera was at a very early age in Hong Kong. Long after immigrating to the U.S.A. at 10 years old, Judy began her formal Cantonese Opera training as a student of Sifu Ben Chen, learning all the fundamental singing skills. Her debut performance was in May 2006 where she sang a duet piece in “Striking the Royal Princess”. After joining the Red Bean Cantonese Opera House in 2007 she made two appearances that year, first in a July performance of the skit “Prime Minister of Six Kingdoms”, and then with Winnie Leung in a September staging of “Dick-Ching Crossing 3 Gates” at a Red Bean organized event. For her recent opera roles, Judy has been working under the guidance and teaching of Sifu Chu-Hung Pak and Sifu Jing Liang. Judy has now embraced Cantonese Opera with a good understanding of all the fundamentals of singing and opera movements. She would like to see Cantonese Opera enjoyed and embraced widely as a part of Chinese culture and heritage.

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