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Feng Huang 黃風

Guest Performer

Member Since: 2010 img_06692

Feng Huang began his career in Cantonese opera at the age of 13 years old.  He was trained and excelled in performing leading male roles in several Guangxi Cantonese Opera Troupes.  He was the leading star performer in the Guangxi Guiping City Cantonese Opera Troupe.   His performances were well received by the audience.  His starring roles included performances in the following well-known Cantonese operas:  “The Red Plum Blossoms”, “Monkey King”, “Lu Bu and Diao Chan”, “Kowloon Cup”, “Blood Running Over”, “Peacock Flying Southeast”, “Mountain Wind”, and many others.

From 1978 besides being a performer, he also became an Artistic Director directing opera shows, as a coach and teacher, and later as a writer and musical composer.   He had adapted, wrote and directed many famous large-scale Cantonese operas including “Camilla Fairy” and “Double Phoenix Romance”.  He had adapted a Beijing opera “Incense Pot Case” into a Cantonese opera, and was the director for this revised opera.  He has adapted and rewrote several non-opera shows into large-scale Cantonese operas.  He was also the director for these adapted and revised Cantonese operas, such as “Spring River Under Shining Moon”, “Moon Lake” and “Phoenix Grave”, etc.   He wrote and directed a new modern play, “Gifts”, which won several awards.

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