Red Bean Cantonese Opera, Inc. » Hom, Anna

Anna Hom 李妙卿

Youth Troupe Instructor / Performance Member

Member Since: 1996

Anna’s talents as a Chinese folk dancer and music performer are well known throughout the San Francisco Bay Area Chinese community. Coming to the United States when she was young, Anna joined the Chinese Folk Dance Association when she was in her teens and blossomed into a Principal Dancer with the company. She learned to play the pipa and the erhu, two complex Chinese musical instruments, and has shared her talents in many performances. Cantonese Opera has always been a major interest of hers. In 1997, she joined the Red Bean Cantonese Opera House, studying opera song and movement under Sifu Liang Jing. She has also studied opera singing under Sifu Eva Tam to further improve her vocal skills. Her repertoire includes many short skits that she has performed over the years.

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