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Xiaobo He 何小波

Artistic Instructor / Performing Guest

Member Since: 2009

Mr. Xiaobo He has been fascinated by Chinese opera from a very young age. He was influenced by many famous Beijing and Cantonese opera performers of his time. At the tender age of 6 or 7, he began to imitate these performers. While in elementary school, he started to perform on stage. In 1980, he entered the Zhanjiang Opera Academy. He received 4 years of training in operatic arts from more than 20 teachers in Beijing, Kun, and Cantonese opera. After another year of apprenticeship, he started his career in Cantonese opera in the city of Zhanjiang, and performed throughout Southeast Asia and in the United States. He had performed more than 30 full-length operas and received numerous awards in China.

After immigrating to the United States, he started his own music organization and attracted students from all over the San Francisco Bay Area as well as from Canada, Hong Kong, and Australia. His students had performed in many venues in the San Francisco Bay Area and earned many accolades.

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