Red Bean Cantonese Opera, Inc. » Cao, David

David Cao 高學深

Youth Troupe

Member Since: 2001

Red Bean Cantonese opera is fortunate to have a team of American born youths who have the drive to immerse themselves into the Chinese culture. These youths are surprisingly passionate where the not only want to learn the stage technique but all aspects of Cantonese opera such as costume etiquette and the art of Chinese opera makeup; skill which are commonly over looked in the states. In 2007, this team of impressive youths came together to perform in an adaptation of the Chinese classic Journey to the West, which was all American born cast and self choreographed. Their determination was, in a word, simply ‘amazing’ when they took the characters and made it their own. This group is a sign of hope for the Chinese culture to continue and live on as younger generation come and grow.

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