Red Bean Cantonese Opera, Inc. » Red Bean’s 12th Anniversary Performance

Red Bean’s 12th Anniversary Performance

August 24, 2008 | Yerba Buena Center for the Arts - San Francisco, CA

Dance of the Butterfly Lovers
Justin Ma, Terilyn Ma
8 Red Bean Youth Dancers

Crossing the White Dragon
Judy Jung, Winnie Leung
4 Red Bean Youths

The Oil Merchant Finds His Bride
Carol Sung, Kim La
Anna Hom, Khiem Wai

The Swaying Reeds
Erick Lee, Jared Young
11 Red Bean Youths

The Plan to Defeat Jin Kingdom
Leigh-Ann Chu, Sandy Lai
4 Red Bean Youths

Celebration at Longevity Palace
Linda Lee, Laura Ma
8 Red Bean Youth, 10 Red Bean Youth Dancers

Drunken Yang Guifei
Tammy Tan
Erick Lee, Jared Young, Becky Ng
8 Red Bean Youths

The Competing Concubines
Linda Lee, Pinky Lee, Laura Ma
Erick Lee, Jared Young, Khiem Wai, Jamie Ma, Becky Ng

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