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Red Bean’s 15th Anniversary Performance

Jul 30, 2011 | Oakland Asian Cultural Center - Oakland, CA

RBO 7.30.2011 New Flyer

To celebrate the Oakland Red Bean Cantonese Opera House’s 15th anniversary, we will feature a Cantonese Opera Concert at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center in the afternoon and a special dinner banquet at the Oakland Restaurant Peony on July 30th, 2011. With Red Bean Opera’s President Master Jing Liang as the Choreographer Director, Vice President Linda Lee as the Production Organizer and Operations Director Laura Ma as the Production Planner, we have invited special guests from the San Francisco Bay Area to perform with our Red Bean Opera members.

The program consists of five well-known Cantonese Opera vignettes and five opera duets. The program features San Francisco Bay Area’s professional Cantonese Opera actor Xiaobo Paul He, professional Cantonese Opera singer Tammy Tan, guest singer Rita Fisher and Red Bean Opera’s own star performers: Linda Lee, Laura Ma, Milton Fong, Renee Leung, Cynthia Fong, Anna Hom, Carol Sung, Winnie Leung, Leigh-Ann Chu, Pinky Lee, Erick Lee, Jared Young, Colin Chin, Sue Chin, the Red Bean Youth Dancers and the Red Bean Youth Troup.

The five Cantonese Opera vignettes include “Joy of Hung Luen”, “The Temple Encounter”, “The Song of Separation”, “Cao Cao and Guan Gung” and “The Lioness Roars”. The five Cantonese Opera duets include “Leaving Yue Kingdom”, “Farewell Wang Zhaojun”, “Phoenix Hairpin”, “Broken Heart Tears” and “The Last King of Southern Tong Dynasty”. The special dinner banquet at the Oakland Restaurant Peony starts at 7 PM following the Cantonese Opera Concert.

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