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Youth Training & Performance Program

This program is a great opportunity for youths to learn a traditional Chinese art, stay physically fit and experience performing on stage.  This program is geared toward non-Cantonese speaking youths from ages 10 – 19 years old.  These classes are conducted in English but promote Cantonese speaking.  Students will learn teamwork, gain self confidence, and learn about the Chinese culture.

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Basic Fundamental Cantonese Opera Techniques:

Sundays 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Students will learn the most basic Cantonese Opera forms and techniques while exercising and learning more about Cantonese Opera as an art. Every class begins with a through stretching which will help the students develop flexibility and strength to perform the movements properly.  They will learn how to walk, stand, and move in the Cantonese Opera style.  Proper posture is essentials in Cantonese Opera and many parents have seen a huge improvement in their child’s posture after being enrolled in this class.  Students will also learn basic dances and martial arts forms which are used heavily in Cantonese Opera.

Core Curriculum:

  • Stretching and Strength Training
  • Tumbling Basics
  • Basic hand gestures
  • Cantonese Opera Dance Basics (fan dance, ribbon dance, long sleeve dance, etc.)
  • Cantonese Opera Martial Arts Basics (stage fighting, martial arts forms, etc.)

Advanced Youth Performance:

This class is for students who have excelled in the Basic Fundamentals class and are ready to perform on stage.  In this extended class students will rehearse and develop an advanced understanding of Chinese stage theory.  This class will allow the advanced students to learn group and solo dances and skits in which they will perform at various Red Bean Cantonese Opera shows.

Core Curriculum:

  • Chinese stage theory
  • Advanced Dance and Skits

Cantonese Opera Singing:

Advanced students will learn Cantonese Opera music theory and how to sing.  Students do not need to be able to read Cantonese to succeed in this class.  Students will learn how to pronounce the Cantonese words without the ability to read the characters.  We have developed a notation style where the roman alphabet is used to phonetically pronounce the lyrics. Students will be separated between male and female parts depending on the students vocal range.

Makeup and Costuming:

The art of Cantonese Opera is not only about performing.  The art of costuming and makeup is all part of the Cantonese Opera art form.  Students will learn to apply Cantonese Opera makeup, proper costuming techniques, and also costume theory.  Traditionally in Cantonese Opera,  there are no specific makeup artists or wardrobe assistants.  The actors and actresses are all self sufficient and help each other out working as a team.

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